Infos Suizo Loco Lodge


Cacao Tour

In "Coco Trail", you can learn everything about the history of this fruit. During the tour, it will be explained how the chocolate production process works. A nice way to learn how important this product has been in the Bribri culture. Cacoa is used in the traditional medicine, in purification and religious ceremonies, as well as comercially. Afterwards feel free to enjoy the flavor of this chocolate. More information at www.cacaotrails.com.

Indiginous reserve Tour

It is a 5 to 6 hours tour in which you can learn about their culture, their way to cultivate, cook, what they eat, as well as how they build their houses.
Later, you will visit the Medicinal plantation where a Shaman will explain about their natural alternative medicines.
It includes a hike to the waterfall, then you will taste a delicious typical meal. After that, we continue visiting the Cocoa House where a demonstration of the Bribri tradition and production of chocolate will be offered. The cocoa is used in healing, spiritual and purification ceremonies practices and it also helps with their economy.

Horse ride

You can gallop or stroll leisurely along the beach and the forest, various options depending on the time available.

Observation of the fauna

Trips to the sea

The previous descriptions are only few options that Caribbean reserve you.
"Let's go! Visit the most colorful area of Costa Rica!"