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Touristic Sustainability Certification (TSC)


The fundament of TSC is to make the concept of sustainability something real, practical and necessary in the context of competitive tourism in the country. It helps us to find the best way to take advantage of our natural and social resources, to motivate and educate the people of our communities to offer a new level of competence within this business sector. The TSC promotes the development of an industry in which sustainability creates new opportunities in the tourism market, as well as international recognition. The Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (CIT) administers the certification process in joyful ways to have tourist with environmental conscience sure that the sites they choose to visit based on this certification are really applying the established rules.

Sustainability Certification Program evaluates the way in which hotels control their impact in the natural, social and cultural resources of the country. to grade the participating hotels, the TSC uses a system of "sustainability levels" giving from 0 to 5 "leaves" according to the way they respect the rules in the following areas:


1. Physio-biological Parameters:
It refers to the interaction of the company with its immediate natural environment. The program evaluates how the hotel controls its emissions, damages and generated pollution and also how it facs this impact through its conservation ways and handling of risk factors to nature.

2. Service and Infrastructure:
This part evaluates operations and internal systems of the company. Among other things, it takes into account hadling of residuals, the use of technology for water and energy saving and the type of produtcs used in the hotel.

3. External client:
This aspect is oriented to the evaluation of the compromise of the hotel towards the education of its guests, for them to be also conscious of their role in the respect towards the sustainability policies during their staying in the hotel as well as in the tours they might participate in.

4. Socio-economical environment:
Here the TSC evaluates the interaction of the company with the communities within the area, as well as with the general population. It also considers its participation in the development of new projects that benefit the community in which it stays.

For more information about this program, please visit: www.turismo-sostenible.co.cr