Infos Suizo Loco Lodge

Suizo Loco Lodge Hotel and Sustainability


We are not currently in the certification process (foreseen for 2011) but we have invested much time and effort in the four areas of the CST program.


How can I help?

No matter where you travel, and even in your own house, principles related to sustainability will always be applied. It is always a good idea to turn off electrical appliances when not used and close the sink faucet while brushing your teeth or soap your dishes for example. Eventhough some countries don't have a recycling program, but day by day they are getting more. If you don't find information, ask, maybe if a company doesn't recycle yet you can motivate somebody by asking accordingly and so start a chain of actions.

Inside the Hotel

Your help in our sustainability program is very valuable to us, and there are many ways in which you can support us. You can find information about this program in your room as well as at the reception.

  1. Please recycle all possible left overs. On you way to the parking you'll find recycling containers. When leaving your left overs in the room, please place them next to the trash can and hour maids will be more than pleased to recycle them.
  2. All organic left overs(food) are picked up and taken to a pork farm to complement the animals food. When having food left overs, please bring them to our restaurant or call the reception and our staff will pick it up from your room.
  3. Please turn off your tv, lights or fans when leaving your room.
  4. All tap water in the hotel is purified, so you could help us to reduce our garbage production by not consuming bottled water from the mini-bar, but tap water. The water is being checked constantely and is 100% drinkable.
  5. Please be patient when talking to our staff. They are working hard to learn and understand English much better. Remember to speak slowly. If you prefer to practice your Spanish they will be pleased to help you.

Outside the Hotel

When being outside the hotel remember always to be respectful to the natural, social and cultural resources that Costa Rica offers you. Some rules to take into account are:

  1. Respect the local environment. Don't litter. Don't pick up wild flowers and plants.
  2. Try to reuse water bottles and recycle everytime possible.
  3. Preserve the local resources. If your hotel has a rule to minimize washing towels and sheets, try to support such effort.
  4. Try to use biodegradable soaps, organic repellents and sunscreens.
  5. Respect the culture and local traditions. Be consious and sensible to the cultural diferences regarding language, customes and dressing code. Ask for permission before taking pictures of somebody.
  6. Learn some words of the local language, and get ready to know the local culture during your trip.
  7. Try to use your money within the local community by buying local food brands and craftworks made by local artists
  8. Protect our national treasure: NEVER buy authentic archeological objects nor souvenirs made of or with plants or animals that are under protection (such as turtle carapaces, corals, precious woods that are not from forestal plantations).
  9. Secure the value of your donations. The best way to help a country is by donating to conservation and social organizations and not contribute towards individual funds.

Recommendations when visiting National Parks

  1. Hire a local guide. Guides improve the quality of your experience and offer you a broader interpretation of the natural areas that you visit.
  2. Avoid feeding, touching or bothering wild animals. Contact with human beings can place them in risk and cause them stress.
  3. Always stay in the trails. This will help to reduce your impact in the forest and not to lose your way.
  4. Increase in a responsible way the probability of seeing wild animals:
    • Be willing to explore the forest by first light of the morning or at sunset.
    • Wear camuflage clothing.
    • Avoid using perfumes and other products with strong smells.
    • Be quiet in the trails.
    • Wait near watering hole.
    • Keep all your senses attentive to nature sounds.
    • Look at your path: watch the floor while you walk in the forest.
    • Stay quiet when seeing an animal.